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Q:        Do I have to conduct paid advertising to meet the labour market testing evidence requirement for the subclass 457?

Short Answer

​A:        No. Paid advertising will not be considered more favourably than free advertising for the purpose of evidencing labour market testing.

Q:        Are there exemptions to labour market testing in the subclass 457 programme?

A:        You may be exempt from needing to provide evidence of having tested the local labour market on the basis of the skill level of the nominated occupation. Exemptions can also apply in the event of a major disaster.

Q:        Do I have to provide additional evidence of forms of labour market testing other than advertising, such as labour market research or attendance at jobs expos for my subclass 457 nomination?

A:        ​You must provide evidence that you have tested the local labour market and that no suitable Australian citizens or permanent residents were found. It is not mandatory to provide additional evidence if you have met these threshold requirements.

Q:        How do I become a sponsor?

A:        There are two ways you can become an approved sponsor:

  • apply to be a standard business sponsor
  • negotiate a labour agreement.

The standard business sponsorship arrangement is the most common way to sponsor a skilled worker.

Refer to the relevant visa for details on how to apply to be a standard business sponsor.

To find out more about the labour agreement process, contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q:        Can I withdraw my visa application?

A:        You can withdraw the application by advising us in writing at any time before we make a decision about your application. To do this, you must send us a letter of withdrawal including your full name, date of birth, date of application, and file reference number/transaction record number (if known).

Everyone included in the application who is 18 years of age or older must sign the letter of withdrawal.

Q:        Do I have to show my passport to my employer?.

A:        Yes. Your employer is responsible for making sure that you can work in Australia, but they must first ask you for permission to see your passport or any other identification.

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