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Successful Case Study - Family Sponsored Visitor's Visa (600)

on Monday, 12 May 2014.

Successful Case Study - Family Sponsored Visitor's Visa (600)

Person A came to Winters Solicitor in hope of sponsoring his sister (visa applicant 1) and niece (visa applicant 2) to Australia on a Family Sponsored Visitor (subclass 600) visa. Both applicants were from Uyghur, China

Visa applicant 1’s previous visitor visa application was refused by the Immigration Department on the ground that there was a high tendency for visa applicant 1 to remain in Australia due to the circumstances in her home country.


Winters Solicitor assisted the two applicants in obtaining their visitor visas. In preparation for the submission of applications, the following were obtained from the sponsor and visa applicant:

  1. Statements of the sponsor and visa applicants (various interviews were conducted to fully obtain all information which is relevant to the applications);
  2. Financial evidence of the sponsor and visa applicants including bank statements and land title certificate;
  3. Evidence to prove genuine intention to travel to Australia as a visitor.

The applications were submitted in March 2014 and the Immigration Department granted both applicants with a visitor visa in April 2014. The applicants were granted their visas without any assurance support being paid to the government body, Centrelink. The sponsor and visa applicants were happy about the expeditious and favourable outcome.

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