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Our People


Philip James Winter

Philip has been practising law for over 40 years. He is a graduate of the University of South Australia and has held many  responsible appointments including Assistant Crown Solicitor, Magistrate, Coroner, director of several public companies and consultant to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (South Australia). Philip has a diverse range of legal skills including  expertise in Australian Immigration Law, contract, criminal law and the law relating to personal injuries.

MARN: 9369746





Peter Alexander Jolley

Peter is a graduate of Deakin University and has a broad range of experience, both in life and in legal practice. Peter’s interest and primary professional focus is in the field of medical negligence. He also has considerable experience in the law of probate.




Eunice Lai Peng You

Eunice is a graduate of the Adelaide University. She joined Winters from the office of the Guardianship Board and now assists clients in the fields of immigration law, contract, property law and Wills and probate. Eunice is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Melayu.







Vanessa Jean Balnaves

Vanessa graduated in law from the University of Adelaide and very quickly thereafter identified family law as the area of expertise which best suited her skills in negotiation and advocacy. Vanessa is a patient person who empathizes with her clients – attributes which materially contribute to her success in this highly stressful field of law.






David Barnfield

David is graduated of the University of Adelaide. He has been engaged in legal practice since 1979 and specializes in the drafting of Wills, probate and the conduct of litigation concerned with contested estates. David is a very active member of the Law Society of South Australia and contributes to the production of the Society’s monthly “Bulletin” by the provision of articles related to his expertise and general interests.






Alice Pei Hong Sun

Alice Sun Pei Hong was born in Shanghai and came to Australia in 1989. She worked in a variety of different occupations before commencing her studies and securing a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law in 2006. Alice is now a registered migration agent and supervises the firm’s migration practice. She has been with Winters Solicitors since 2003. Alice is familiar with the Mandarin and Shanghaiese languages.

MARN: 0634911






Inemoa Pepper

Inemoa Pepper was born in Tonga. She studied at the Otago University and gained a Bachelor of Science. Subsequently, she undertook studies in migration law and became a migration agent in 2010. She works as a consultant to the firm and in that respect assists Alice Sun. Inemoa is fluent in the Tongan language and understands New Zealand English.

MARN: 0964094






Jane Lei Wang 

Jane is a graduate of the Adelaide University in the field of Accounting. She is fluent in mandarin language – both in the spoken and written forms. Jane is the firm’s administrator and also performs very valuable work in interpretation and translation.




Shirley Peiming Sun 

Shirley occupies a position of trust and confidence with the firm. She comes from Shanghai, PRC. In China, Shirley was a top-ranking secretary/personal assistant with the German company Siemens. After coming to Australia in 2007, Shirley joined Winters as the firm’s office manager/personal assistant to Mr Winter.



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